October 5, 2021

Want to Know How Caravan Consignment Works?

At Searle’s RV Centre, we handle all aspects of inspecting, appraising, preparing, advertising, and selling your caravan, RV or Camper, which is a rather large undertaking that can be overwhelming and full of stress for most sellers.

Our consignment sale option will always yield you more money than a trade-in or instant cash wholesale offer. Generally, consignment will even get you more than selling it yourself, but without all the hassles and dangers commonly experienced with the private sale option (especially since the arrival of COVID-19).

Here’s what you need to know…

Drop off your caravan or motorhome
When you pop in to drop off your caravan, RV or camper, our dedicated sales team will will complete the following for you:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Appraisal and consultation on competitive market pricing
  • Discuss and recommend any pre-sale reconditioning to maximize the resale value
  • Sign a consignment agreement

That’s the most you’ll have to do
Now you get to sit back and relax, once your vehicle is enrolled in our consignment program, we’ll handle everything for you, like;

  • Prepare, Detail, and Recondition your vehicle
  • Photograph your vehicle
  • Advertise and list your vehicle on multiple websites for maximum exposure
  • Display and market your vehicle in our sales yard
  • Handle all negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Accept buyer trade-in to facilitate the sale of your vehicle if the opportunity arises
  • Offer financing options to buyer if needed
  • Offer insurance products to the buyer if required
  • Offer warranty products to the buyer if requested
  • Certify and guarantee buyer funds

Your caravan is on display 6 days a week
Our busy yard has traffic from Monday to Saturday, where your consignment caravan is viewed alongside our other new and used caravans. Our huge yard generates massive foot traffic every week. With about dozens of new and used caravans, RVs, Campers and 4WDs always in stock. Searle’s RV Centre is a trusted name and sought-after destination for anyone looking to purchase a caravan in the region.

Viewed by hundreds of thousands online
We will advertise your caravan on multiple dedicated sales websites across the internet. Our experience with listings thousands of caravans over the last 20+ years, means we know how and where to list your vehicle to get the most eyeballs viewing it, thereby giving you the