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New Maxxi Pop Top Caravans

The Golf Maxxi new foldout style pop top caravans are perfect for touring Australia with ease boasting how lighweight it is to tow.

New Maxxi Pop Top Caravan Range

The Golf Maxxi is Golf’s new foldout style Pop Top caravan. It boasts a smart spacious layout with a large range of features all included as standard.The production and design team at Golf have created this van to comfortably sleep up to 6 people while still incorporating many more standard features to make it one of the smartest family style caravans in the market.


Golf Savannah series from new Golf caravans is packed with features that allow you to enjoy our country.


Golf Savannah Maxxi is Golf’s new off road pop top caravans giving you the freedom to explore Australia.


Latest new touring caravans by Golf giving you modern stylish interiors with strength for your grand trip.